1. I understand that it is very difficult to comprehend the sheer numbers of animals that we kill for food. You often hear of 58 Billion, 7 Million, 40,000 or even 7,000 - those numbers can overwhelm anyone.

    When you bear witness you are given a different perspective - the perspective of each of those individuals who make up those horrifying statistics. And that perspective gives you the strength to remain dedicated to bringing their individual stories to others in the hopes that they will make more compassionate choices in their lives.

    While you might easily consume one of 58 Billion - it is a tougher mouthful to swallow when you realize that you are consuming that one. Yes, that one right there with the blue eyes and the pleading expression.

    It often takes me hours to go through these photos because I struggle with them. And I struggle because I met them personally and saw each pleading look and heard each gentle grunt.

    But bearing witness is not only about the misery that we inflict. It is also about connecting with others in your community who understand that those vast numbers are made up of unique individuals. It is about reaching out to the public, as a community, and showing others that there are more compassionate choices. Choices that will benefit, not only, the animals but their own health and the health of our entire planet.

    It is never too late to make those choices or gain the endless benefits that come with them. If you are interested in moving to a more compassionate lifestyle - I can help you with that. Please always feel free to contact me.

    Be My Witness - I was not just a statistic.

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