1. "More Than a Living Memorial

    More than a living memorial to past generations, Mount Pleasant Cemetery is one of the custodians of our country’s history. One of Canada’s most historic cemeteries, Mount Pleasant has served the Toronto community since 1876. It is the final resting place of many prominent Canadians, as varied as former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, Jennie Smillie-Robinson, Canada’s first female surgeon, popular Métis artist Youngfox, and pianist Glenn Gould.

    For well over a century, the movers and the shakers, the famous and the infamous, the rich and the poor have made this cemetery their final resting place.”

  2. Little spidey has a WTF! moment when she comes upon her own shadow.

  3. One more of this little girl because she is so freakin’ adorable that I can barely stand it. 

  4. Salticus scenicus on my balcony. This little one was so tiny that you could have fit three of her on my pinky fingernail.

    What an unbelievable cutie pie. You can even see me reflected in her huge eyes! I wish she were bigger so I could hug her and kiss her.

  5. killerwhoburnedyourhome:

    found this big guy during the nature walk today 

    Absolutely glorious!

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  6. fuckyeahfelines:

    Tomorrow is Black Cat Appreciation Day!  Black cats are often passed over in shelters and rescues because of an irrational superstition of them.  The reality is that they are some of the most affectionate, calm and sweet pussycats on the planet.  Their temperaments make them lovely companions.
    If you have room in your home for a companion - please consider adopting a black cat today.

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  8. I remembered my macro lens today…


  9. The racism and oppression needs to stop. Everyone needs to step up and MAKE it stop. We need to be in this together because everyone is going to lose in the end if we don’t.


  10. shadowkikito said: I think that that rumor about figs needing a wasp to lay her eggs in it in order for it to ripen is just fear-mongering. I have a fig tree and have never seen any wasps in my tree or in its fruit.

    Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.  If you have figs then you have fig wasps.
    A very simple, quick, google search using ‘how figs are pollinated’ comes up with the following wealth of information about the fig wasp and what she does so we can continue to enjoy figs…


    Fig wasps are why you even have figs to begin with.  Wasps, bees and butterflies pollinate just about every single flower and fruit on this planet. And many of our pollinators are in very, VERY, serious trouble.  We are losing countless species of plants due to the decimation of the pollinating insect population.  When we lose a species then we lose every fruit, flower, plant and tree that they had anything to do with pollinating.  Gone.  Forever.
    Please, read up on the fig wasp and try to do everything you can to make sure that you have a healthy fig wasp, and other bee, wasp and butterfly, population as you can.

  11. bowtiesandsneakers:

    “Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.” – Carol Moseley-Braun

    #IfTheyGunnedMeDown #MikeBrown #RIPMikeBrown

    What is happening in Ferguson is happening all over the United States.  Black people, men in particular, are being targeted and killed for no other reason than the colour of their skin.
    People can try to deflect as much as they want, they can bury their heads in the sand and keep telling themselves that there has to be a logical explanation or that they had to have been ‘looking for it’. 
    But, there isn’t any logic to it.  And the more we deny and deflect - the worse it is going to be for all of us.
    All of us need to work to put an end to this injustice and inequality.

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  12. sir-p-audax:

    To people who see a picture of a pet tarantula and say “Kill it with fire!” because you don’t like spiders,

    I don’t like dogs. How would you feel if I commented on a picture of your pet dog saying “Kill it with fire?” You’d be reasonably upset I presume.

    But I don’t do that, because though I may…

    This speaks to the bigger issue of why the first reaction of so many people, when faced with something that they might not understand or fear, is to kill. It makes me so sad to see young people already so hate filled and intolerant.
    Look around and see where that has gotten us overall.  Maybe it is time to face fears by educating ourselves about them and not just eliminating everything, and everyone, who we don’t understand.
    Fear is a result of not knowing.  People who want you to fear do so by lying and keeping you ignorant of the facts. 
    The only way to truly take control of your fear is through knowledge - not destruction. 

  14. Invasive Species vs Maybe Not So Invasive

    Just to give a bit of back story - Southern Ontario has been hit hard, in recent years, by the Asian Longhorned Beetle and it has devastated some of our tree populations.  Native to China, Japan and other parts of Asia, it is thought that they were introduced to North America through wood based packing materials.

    Having worked in the lumber industry - I know first hand how much more strict the rules have become due to the devastation from this specific non-native species.  But for many of our tree populations - those rules have come too little, too late.

    So, when I took this photo, at my friends Farm Sanctuary just north of Toronto, I was a bit concerned with what he might be.  I had looked up photos of Asian Longhorned Beetles, mostly because of coming across their arch nemesis - the Eastern Eyed Click Beetle, and I thought this little guy looked very similar to the much hated borer.

    Glad that I was wrong.

    The little fellow in the photo is actually a White-Spotted Pine Sawyer.  You can tell that he is a male from his extremely long antennae.  I was sitting in that chair when he came up and started crawling up my arm.  I gently put him in the flowerbed next to me but it wasn’t long before he was up on my chair again.  I took the hint and gave him the chair - getting some photos of him in the bargain.  Although they can bite, I gave him no reason to.  Like many other insects capable of biting - they are harmless unless they are harassed or provoked.

    Although stages of this beetle can be harmful to living conifer trees - the White-Spotted Pine Sawyer is actually a beneficial species of borer as long as the population does not reach epidemic proportions.  The larvae help break down dead and dying conifer trees and help rid forests of them.  He is doing his job on the farm and needs to be left alone to continue.


  15. The Internet - Information vs Misinformation

    The internet is a really great place and it is filled with every piece of information that anyone could ever want.  It is a source of such vast knowledge that I couldn’t have even comprehended it existing when I was growing up and in school.  I can’t believe how much people take it for granted, but I guess that is human nature when you grow up being privileged enough to have it.
    Unfortunately, the internet contains as much misinformation as it does information.  And it has also become an avenue for some people to just be spoon fed information instead of being resourceful and looking it up themselves.
    People make statements as facts based on their, very limited, personal experience about certain topics.  And while it is fine to blog about your personal experiences, feelings, and what has become part of what makes you who you are, it doesn’t mean that other people will have the exact same experience as you - even given the exact same circumstances. 
    My advice to people is to not take one person’s personal experiences, one person’s opinion, about a subject and think that it is going to be the exact same experience for you. Just because one person says it’s so - doesn’t mean that it actually is so. If you are unsure about a topic - please research several different avenues before forming an opinion yourself.  If there is one source of the answer on the internet - I promise you that there will be dozens of sources.  Be responsible for yourself and please don’t contribute to the amount of misinformation already out there.
    And just for the record - Tumblr, Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter, and every other personal blogging site are probably not even close to being factual sources of information.  Do yourself a favour and look deeper than that.